Wednesday, April 23, 2014

UPDATE on Call to Action: Food Allergy Children’s Literature

The #FoodAllergy Awareness and Resources Campaign to donate "The No Biggie Bunch" series to 500 Libraries throughout 50 States was a resounding success. They raised the money to send the series of  four children's books to over 500 libraries and schools.  These four books help kids with and without food allergies to realize that their situation is just another aspect of what makes them uniquely special. The characters are kids who look just like any child in the classroom with their own styles and interests. 

Each state in the US is at a different level of food allergy awareness, education and advocacy, however, every state has public libraries where all can access resources for free. The vital piece is ensuring that resources are available. That’s how we can made a difference! 

The No Biggie Bunch 50 States – 500 Libraries campaign offset the shipping and postage costs to deliver a bundle of 4 No Biggie Bunch books to each of 500 libraries across the 50 United States, timed to coincide with the American Library Association’s 2014 National Library Week. This year, the ALA is recognizing that “Lives Change @ your Library.” Lives of kids with food allergies and their friends can change at their libraries. Having this food allergy resource accessible to the little hands that might need them most is in your hands! 

Here is the link to learn more: No Biggie Bunch Website